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Who We Are ?

We are Eazyplans, a well-established provider of architecture, design and planning services for residential property development projects in London. We regularly engage with clients based around the UK capital, enabling them to benefit from our industry-relevant expertise and finesse. 

At our London base, we have carefully assembled a team of planning consultants, engineers and surveyors who are all thoroughly experienced and qualified in what they do – and ready to apply their specialist expertise to your domestic property project.

From drawing up architectural design to applying for planning consent – our team can put in all of this preparatory legwork for your project.  


Your new home or project starts with a vision – a vision we can transfer into reality.


With structural calculations at hand, we can truly build your new home to last.


We are honest and transparent in all of our dealings with clients and partners.


Our vast experience in architecture, design and planning informs everything we do.

What We Do ?

From the moment you get in contact with us, we will take close account of your project’s brief and budget. Our team can draw up detailed plans that enable us to accurately cost for every facet of your residential building work.

Whether that work is as “small” as a refurbishment or renovation or as ambitious as assembling an entire new-build property, we will never lose sight of your original vision as the plans – from architectural drawings to structural calculations – take shape.

We are ready to serve as a one-stop shop meeting a wide range of architectural designing and planning needs in London.

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It’s easy to learn more about how we can assist you with London building work, preparing design drawings and making planning applications.

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