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If your home’s garage in London is currently under-utilised, you could transform and repurpose that space to make optimal use out of it. This is possible with a garage conversion for which we can produce architectural drawings and, on your behalf, obtain any required permissions.

Often, a garage conversion doesn’t need planning permission. However, our team can help you to meet any regularly hurdles that come your way as you prepare to turn your garage into, say, a bedroom, playroom, office or home cinema.

Our garage conversion expertise lies in drawing up designs that meet planning departments’ approval and adhere to building regulations.

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Reassuringly, in a typical case, you would not need planning permission for your London garage conversion provided you transform the garage only internally and do not enlarge it at any stage of the work. However, in certain situations, your planning rights aren’t quite so clear-cut.

For example, if you want to make that garage a separate house, this project may need planning permission regardless of what the work entails. Meanwhile, certain properties have been shorn of their permitted development rights, including those pertaining to garage conversions. If your garage comes as part of a flat, maisonette, converted house or a residence on a new housing development or in a conversion area, then planning permission could prove a cast-iron requirement.

We can approach your local planning authority to ascertain whether your project indeed requires planning permission - and apply for this permission if it does.


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The hands-on, heavy-duty work of converting a garage can be much easier if you have reliable and thoughtfully-sketched architectural plans in place right from the start. Fortunately, we can provide you with those plans to pave your way to an effective conversion.

Before we do that, though, we will consult with you on what shape you would like your London garage conversion to take. Consequently, we can factor your expressed needs and preferences into our plans and suggest other ideas you might not have considered.

Sometimes, a certain idea can seem great in your head but turn out not to be practically viable. We can help you to avoid such pitfalls by, for example, investigating where your project could go over-budget.

Our team can strike the right balance between creating a design that is feasible and affordable and one that satisfies your needs and tastes.


Do you have remaining unanswered questions about the prospect of undertaking a garage conversion in London? Here are some particularly commonly-asked questions.

In short: not very. It is thought that only about 10% of garage conversions call for full planning permission, with the rest falling under permitted development rights.

Yes, in order to meet quality standards concerning such matters as fire safety, insulation, ventilation and structural stability. However, our engineers and surveyors can help you to satisfy those regulations.

We can do this on your behalf. Simply applying for a Building Notice will often suffice, but we can give you extra security by making a Full Plans application instead.

This depends on various factors, including how involved you are in the conversion work itself. However, as a guide, a basic garage conversion is likely to cost around £1,250 per square metre.

Again, there are numerous variables at play here - but, in general, yes. Research and expert opinion suggest that a garage conversion can often increase the property’s value by around 10-15%.

If there is little space for parking near your home, converting your garage could actually hurt your home’s value. Meanwhile, if you garage is structurally unsound, rebuilding it could be cheaper than converting it.

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