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Whether you are intent on self-building a home or instead developing a property project - residential, commercial or industrial - in the name of a company, you will need to ensure you have permission to build that structure first. Otherwise, fines or prosecutions could result.

All the same, though, the planning process can be very confusing to navigate without a helping hand from professional architectural technicians and planning consultants - such as those in our London-based team.

If you want to build a new home, office, school or any other property afresh in London, call us to see how we can help.

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New Build Planning Application

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  • Draft design until confirmation
  • We will provide two sets of full plans - electronic and hard copy
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New Build Planning & Building Regulation

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  • Draft design until confirmation
  • We will provide two sets of full plans - electronic and hard copy
  • Expert advice and support
  • You will receive the final plans

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  1. This does not cover the planning application fee (£335) to the council.
  2. Our experts will liaise with the council and oversee the full submission procedure.

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When you get in touch with one of our skilled planning consultants, they can advise you on what would work and what wouldn’t for your project. Ultimately, they can help you to translate your ideas into tangible plans that would meet the local council’s approval.

This planning consultant can, for example, point out whether the neighbourhood has any particular restrictions that could force you to rein in your current plans - or opportunities that could see them soar. They can also advocate particular materials that, when proposed for your new build project, would increase its chances of securing planning consent. The savings you make from utilising an experienced planning consultant can soon stack up as your plans take form.

Give us a ring to learn more about what our planning consultants can do for your new build project in London.


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When it comes to a London new build project, there are two particular types of planning permission to heed: outline planning permission (OPP) and detailed planning permission (DPP). The former is essentially “preliminary” permission, while you need the latter permission to actually start work.

Nonetheless, as either type of planning permission would be associated with the land instead of the applicant, you should investigate whether the consent you need has already been granted.

We can engage with your local planning authority (LPA) to find out. If your new build London project will be relatively small, then OPP may not apply, as it tends to only come into play with larger initiatives.

Whatever planning consent you need, we can determine what it is and put together a new build plan to suit.


There’s no doubting that building something afresh is a major undertaking, which is why we have answers ready for these common questions about it.

The term refers to a building that didn’t previously exist in any shape, form or manner. Hence, conversions or changes of use of existing buildings would not count as “new builds”.

These include its foundations, structure, fixtures and fittings, as well as facilities like water, gas and electric and means of accessing and leaving the building.

These are the issues your local planning authority will consider when reviewing your planning application. The issues focus on how your new build could impact neighbours and the local environment.

Sadly, not necessarily, as different LPAs are at liberty to enforce very different rules. This is why, when preparing your planning application, we will consider local planning restrictions.

You may have heard that, in 2020, the government cut “red tape” to speed up the planning process for these developments. Our planning consultants can fully brief you on the details.

You should be wary not to fall for scams advertising land that will not actually be granted planning permission. We can provide you with independent professional advice.

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