Ideas For a Garage Conversion

7 Quirky Ideas For A Garage Conversion

The garage is often the most overlooked part of a property, teeming with both unused junk and unrealised potential.  If you’re considering converting your garage into a comfortable living space, you may already have an idea of what you would like to see it transform into – but have you really given it enough thought?

Start clearing the clutter, ladies and gentlemen, because we’re exploring 7 quirky ideas for a garage conversion.

Home cinema

Imagine having a cinema experience from the comfort of your own home? Forget queuing, expensive snacks and limited film options, a garage can make the ideal spot for a luxury home cinema. What’s more, with easy access to home streaming devices like Netflix, you can enjoy a wide selection of movies in one place.


You’re tired. You’re stressed. You’ve just arrived home after a long and arduous day at work; do you really want to leave the comfort of your own home – again – to go all the way to the gym?! Well, by converting your garage into your own private gym, you won’t ever have to do such a thing again.

Dressing room

Allow yourself a glimpse into the world of a movie star! By creating a space that is entirely devoted to being your dressing room, you will never have to worry about applying your makeup in awful lighting, or misplacing one of your favourite shoes.

A (wo)man cave

We all deserve the space to unwind and relax after a busy a week, and a (wo)man cave is the perfect place to do so. Once your garage has been converted into a usable living space, why not consider adding some funky lighting, comfortable seating and a television set? A pool table perhaps wouldn’t go a miss either…

Home office

A home office demands much more than just a laptop on the kitchen table, and it’s important that you create a clear distinction between home and work life. If you suspect working from home for the long haul, consider granting yourself an appropriate space to completely immerse yourself in your work. As a result, you will see an increase in both morale and performance.


If you are a lover of books – or even if you’re not! – converting your garage into a home library can have many added benefits on your property. Keeping your favourite publications in one organised place can make life easier for you, not to mention the value of your home can significantly increase.


A home spa isn’t a luxury that only the rich and famous can enjoy… Why should they get all the fun? Call on a company like Eazyplans and allow us to do the honour of converting your garage into your very own spa! Once we’ve dealt with issues surrounding ventilation, insulation, fireproofing and structural soundness, you’ll be free to add the likes of a massage table, nail bar and maybe even a hot tub…

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