Benefits Of a Basement Conversion

5 Perks Of A Basement Extension

Basements aren’t merely just storage rooms and the focus of horror movies… As the need for more living space increases across London, it may make economic sense to exploit any space in your home that you might have originally overlooked – the basement being a key area.

There are several perks tied to a basement extension, and right here we’re about to delve into 5!

More space

Okay, so this one might seem a bit obvious, but nonetheless it’s powerful. A carefully crafted and executed basement extension will allow you to create more living space in your London home, which we all know is crucial now more than ever.

What you choose to transform the extra space into is another exciting journey in itself, and we can help you decide what will be best for your household’s specific needs.

Increased property value

Even if you’re not looking to sell your property right now, knowing that you’ve increased its value simply can’t be a negative thing. By overseeing the action of a basement extension, you will make your property much more desirable to prospective homeowners and the market.

The housing market in London is continuously chopping and changing, so it can’t hurt to know that you have measures in place to protect yourself in the future.

Securing planning permission is generally easy

Excavating beneath your property to create a basement means it’s likely that you will need to get a green light in the way of planning permission.

While this is generally a simple procedure, every case and every house is different. We recommend getting in touch with your local planning authority, just to be sure, or letting a company like Eazyplans do it for you.

It doesn’t take thaaaaat long…

To be honest, this point is rather subjective and will depend on what you class as ‘long’. Depending on the size of the property and the amount of excavation and building work necessary, a basement extension can take between 12 and 20 weeks to complete.

Really, when you think about how many benefits the finished project can bring to your both your property and your life, those 3 to 6 months will fly by.

Disruption can be kept to a minimum

Now, we’re not saying that there will be no disruption at all, but the placement of a basement extension when work is being carried out means that you probably won’t be too disturbed as you go about your usual day-to-day life.

Yes, excavating earth is bound to create some noise, but the job is done from outside your house rather than inside, and at ground level.

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