Planning Permission For My Loft Conversion

Do I need planning permission for my loft conversion?

When you want to expand the size or amount of rooms inside of a building, the first thing you may be considering is creating a loft conversion. Having a loft can provide you with some extra space for storage or you could even use it to create an extra bedroom.

Whatever you decide to use it for, you need to figure out whether or not you need planning permission to create this conversion. It entirely depends on the individual circumstances of your building plans and the stability of the dwelling itself. Find out below whether you will need planning permission to move forward with your own loft conversion.

How can I tell if I need permission?

Usually, planning permission isn’t needed for a loft conversion. The only time it is needed is when you may need to extend upon or change the outer appearance of your loft space. You may also need permission if your conversion may exceed the conditions of your house’s planning designs. The reason why your loft does not need planning permission to be updated or changed is because it is classified as a “permitted development.” A permitted development may have certain limitations but it does not require you to create an application to get planning permission.

What permissions does my loft need to meet?

If you want to continue on with your loft conversion then it does need to meet certain requirements. These include:

  • No extensions being allowed beyond an existing roof slope that is in front of the highway
  • No extensions being larger than the tallest area of the roof
  • Not including any balconies, raised platforms or verandas on the roof
  • Using side-facing windows that have to be obscure-glazed
  • Planning a roof enlargement must entail that it does not hang over the wall of the home

As you can see these are extremely specific requirements that must be designed within your initial plans. Whilst it is not mandatory to get expert advice on creating your roof, keep in mind that it will be extremely useful if you can get an experienced builder or contractor to help you with your loft conversion. They can let you know if it reaches specific requirements or if you need to change anything to fit regulations.

Specific Materials

Keep in mind that you will also need to think about the type of materials and shape of your loft conversion. According to requirements, you will need to use materials that appear similar to the design of the original house. You will also need to make sure that your volume allowance hits around 40 cubic metres for additional roof space for a terraced home, and 50 cubic metres if you have a semi-detached/detached home.

Can I create a roof conversion for any type of building?

Unfortunately, you cannot. Whilst you can for some homes, you cannot create a conversion for flats, maisonettes, converted homes or buildings in an area where there are planning conditions that could stop the work. Make sure to reach out to an expert to get advice on how you can be sure you can definitely start work on a lawful loft conversion.

If you need help on your journey towards a quality loft conversion, consider the Loft Conversion Plans service from Eazyplans. Whatever hurdles your ideas do face, our planning consultants, designers and legal specialists would be delighted to help you overcome them. Call 0203 621 3938 for more information.

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